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Sample file

	<codes numberOfLettersPerCode="2">
		<code id="0" value="3"/>
		<code id="1" value="4"/>
		<code id="2" value="9"/>
		<code id="3" value="C"/>
		<code id="4" value="H"/>
		<code id="5" value="I"/>
		<code id="6" value="K"/>
		<code id="7" value="L"/>
		<code id="8" value="M"/>
		<code id="9" value="N"/>
		<code id="10" value="T"/>
		<code id="11" value="W"/>


Explain tags here.

  • element name
This element defines ...
  • attribute name
This attribute defines ...

Audit Steps

Assuming this file has just become available, what audits are now possible using this file and previous files?

  • Audit should check if... An error should be output if the check is...