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Printing Module

Invisible Ink Symbol Generator Module

The Invisible Ink Symbol Generator (IISG) Module processes symbols and produces an image of the symbols with a background of reactive ink and a foreground (font color) or non-reactive (dummy) ink. The images produced by this module are embedded into ballot files that are printed on an invisible ink-capable printer. The generated images is straightforward, but the module has a number of extra functions to increase the security properties of the printed ink.

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The reactive ink (yellow) and dummy ink (magenta) are base inks in the printer that are printed in contiguous blocks. When printed, the inks are indistinguishable from each other.

We need a module or set of functions that can takes font attributes, height/width, text data, and threshold values, then produces a bitmap where each pixel color is a random value within the given threshold for that pixel type.

Another desired functionality is an overlay for a whitespace grid over an image with grid squares being a specified height and width in pixels, and the lines being a specified thickness.

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Scantegrity II ballot and decoder pen.
Left: Unmarked optical scan bubble.
Right: Marked optical scan bubble revealing confirmation code "FY".